Poetry By Jinnette
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Jinnette's Poetry


Jinnette's spirit has helped so many in pain, even after her passing. Once you read her poetry you will recieve a blessing. A blessing because of not only her faith and her love but for her strength and the love she recieved and that when she passed away she went home to God with stories of her loyalty that she showed here on earth.
I thank Jinnette's mom for sharing these precious poems with me.


Who Will Love Me

Alone I sit,
With tears of pain,
I've cried so long,
I feel no shame.

No one to know,
Just how I feel,
No one to feel,
My only pain.

Once or twice,
I've cried before,
Three or four,
I'll cry some more.

Everyday challenged,
To push on and on,
To be positive,
And to tough it out.

So long I've done,
What's required,
I've lived up to,
What they've wanted.

I've been the brave little solider,
And done what I can,
I've seen and done too much,
And know more beyond my years.

I've finally stopped,
To take a look back,
And have come to realize,
I will never stop dealing with this pain.

The question is who will love me?
My parents love me, I am their child,
My siblings love me, I am their sister,
My friends love me, I am their friend,

But who will love me like a wife?
You say you can love me,
But can you really
Care for me?

I am restricted,
Poked and probed,
Tested and taped,
It's all normal to me.

Could you handle that?

Doctors galore, like
You wouldn't believe,
And what they say,
Is not always good.

Tested and true,
My parents have been,
They've stuck through it all,
Loved me no matter what.

Can you handle 20 years like them?

Who will love me,
For who I am,
Not be afraid,
Of what I have.

Who will love me just the same?



A fist full of sand
I can't even count
But I know the Lord knows,
How much there really is.

I can't comprehend
What my life means down here,
Then he answers me,
There is a reason.

I try and I try
To understand,
Why God made me,
The way I am.

He made me so special,
In my own way,
He loves what he made,
There isn't a doubt.



I hear you say,
You cannot stay,
And you've decided to leave,
It's hard to think, and worse yet to believe,
You won't be here any more.

You've closed the door,
Locked it up, And thrown away the key,
No more to be opened.

The thought has passed, a quick look back,
You may not leave,
But that thought has been forsaken.

You say its time to move on,
Close up shop, and head on,
To bigger and better things.

I can not stop you,
Your mind is made up,
I only pray,
You've made the right decision.

I hold my breath,
Open the door,
And pray in my heart,
You'll not forget.

Those times you've been a friend,
A quick smile or a grin,
An encouraging word,
A pat on the shoulder,
A hug to make it better.

A shoulder to cry on,
And the biggest thing yet,
A leader, and director,
And the times you've spent,
Just being there.

ŠJinnette Ellwood

All Poems are copyrighted and cannot be used without permisson!


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